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Basic EMT In-Person Course Coming Up

April 15th, 2024

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Days a week


Graduate in 10-12 weeks


Class Hours


Basic EMT

Advanced EMT



We Offer a Range of Courses to prepare you to pass NREMT Exam on your first try


The Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) course is designed to equip paramedics with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage life-threatening cardiac emergencies and build upon BLS


The Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course prepares paramedics to manage critical situations involving infants and children. This program builds upon your BLS and ACLS knowledge


The Basic Life Support (BLS) course is your essential first step towards becoming a paramedic. This program equips you with the fundamental skills and knowledge to respond effectively to emergencies

Wilderness Course

Our Wilderness Medicine course equips paramedics with the essential knowledge and skills to provide emergency care in remote locations. This program goes beyond traditional paramedic training

We take pride in providing high-quality medical education and training, focusing on the "whys" behind the EMT training. Our heart is to provide leadership, and to better-help students learn how to treat patients in and out of the pre-hospital environment.

  • Are there payment options?
    Do we have a payment plan? YES we do! We are the only EMS academy in the state that offers flexible, and income friendly payment plan to assist you in paying off your EMS education by your graduation date. Ask about our earn as you learn program when you sign up!
  • Do I Need Any Pre-Reqs to get into your course?
    For Basic EMT you just need a photo ID and a smile. For Advanced EMT you need to hold a curent Utah state EMT liscence before the start of class.
  • What gear is needed for this academy?
    5.11 type Blue or Black EMS style pants and boots, black tactical belt, and a white T-shirt. You will also need school supplies like the textbook for the class, notebooks, colored pens and pencils, markers, and flashcards.
  • Do I need any pre-reqs to get into your course?
    For Basic EMT you must be over the age of 18 and have received your diploma and/or GED. For Advanced EMT you need to hold a curent Utah state EMT liscence before the start of class.

Utah Paramedic & EMT Academy

Sponsored by Americas Paramedic

-UPEMS Director A. Nichols

"Learning in-depth patho-physiology is one of the most important aspects to giving quality patient care."

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