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Coming July 1, 2024 things are changing! 
AEMT Portfolio is coming and will cause a new testing format for AEMT students. BEMSP will be increasing the hour requirement for EMT programs. Our program has continously gone above and beyond the minimum hourly requirement of 120 hours and we have had 168 hours  of instruction. We have added an extra week of NREMT guided Test Prep similar to a "Kaplan" style review course. Our hours are now going to be 180 hours of instruction!
Slight price increases may occur, and it will include as usual your BLS certificate, Test Prep at the end of the course, tutoring as needed, On-Line Content, and the New Online Portal! Please send us a message here if you have any questions! 


Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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What We Offer

We take pride in providing high-quality medical education and training, focusing on the "whys" behind the EMT training. Our heart is to provide leadership, and to better-help students learn how to treat patients in and out of the pre-hospital environment, and help patients heal & recover from injury or illness. We want to make our students feel safe and cared for every step of the way along their education and licensure.

Why Choose UPEMS

Cutting Edge Course

Specialized In All Fields

Hands On Simulations

Graduate in a few short months

Ambulance & In Hopsital Training

Virtual Reality Training

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We present...

"America's Paramedic"


Grads in 4 years passed successfully


Pass rate first time on the National Registry Exam


Top academy in Utah for EMS Education and have the highest pass rate


Benefits to UPEMS Academy

Communication Skills

Mental Resilience


Upcoming Courses


  • What are the days and times of your courses?
    We hold courses for BASIC EMT's every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Evenings from 6pm to 10pm.
  • Do I Need Any Pre-Reqs to get into your course?
    No, you do not. Just yourself, and a State ID or DL is the only requirement!
  • Can my Friend take the class with me?
    Yes! We encourage friends, family, and significant others to come take the course with you! The more the merrier!
  • What about the payment options?
    Do we have a payment plan? YES we do! We are the only EMS academy in the state that offers flexible, and income friendly payment plan to assist you in paying off your EMS education by your graduation date. You can pay as go, and we can also have you pick up shifts during your schooling to earn money to put towards your EMS education.
  • What gear do I need to bring?
    5.11 type Blue or Black EMS style pants with pockets, black tactical belt, and white T-shirt. You will also need school supplies like notebooks, colored pens and pencils, markers, and flashcards.
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