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About Us

As "Utah's" Paramedic was designed and built out, this school was built by an amazing team that has put tens of thousands of hours into building a truly American Program! We accomplish our mission by providing the highest quality medical training to every student, that we certify, graduate, and get placed into the career of their dreams!


Our goal is to lead both pre- and In-hospital Emergency Healthcare specialties by focusing on teaching in-depth pathophysiology,

(the explanations and "why"s behind the diseases), Life Support Training, and ultimately, by focusing on YOU, The student. I will put first those that we treat by training you with top-line training, understanding, and diverse education techniques aimed at welcoming every student of every background, culture, and belief!


We believe that we can and will train individuals from every walk of life,  background, culture, and society to respond to emergencies in their neighborhoods and communities in their world and their lives. We will train every student to treat illnesses in those around them and to respond as pre-hospital professionals to be the light in their worlds when they need it most. I believe that this stance and belief represents America.

My promise to you is this: "As America's Paramedic, I will never give up on you, I will stand by you, I will teach you to the best of my ability, I will never leave you behind! I will give each student my all as a teacher and as a positive role model. I will believe in you and your abilities and I will welcome you from any background, history, or job field. I will help you create a positive future for you and your family, and help you accomplish any goal that you have. No matter how many extra lessons or time, I will be there to be your biggest supporter, your biggest fan, and to have your back as my student, and my future peer in EMS."


America's Paramedic




Our Mission

This EMT program is designed to give students the skills and knowledge to function as working Emergency Medical Technicians at the basic and advanced levels and to facilitate the passing of the National Registry Exams for both courses.


This course is designed to prepare you for life as an EMT on a Fire Department, in an ambulance or in a hospital type setting. Our commitment to success of the individuals in our program is unparalleled and is a primary focus of our entire Academy. 

Core Values

Our Vision

The Academy is built on principles of Freedom, integrity, character, and family-first service for the community and the beautiful country that we live in and serve every day. We love to see our graduates working in our communities and making our states and thus, our country a better place to live in!

 I want every student to graduate, succeed, and leave a better place for our future, our children, our children's children, and all of our future generations!

Service Before Self

I, as America's Paramedic, and We, as Utah's Paramedic and EMT Academy, take great pride in every student's success! We have complete test-taking training, immersive, non-stop hands-on action, and a belief that as an adult learner, you need more than a lecture. I believe you need to see it, do it, and be guided through it in a real-world ambulance filled with instructors, in high-fidelity simulations as close to the real world as possible! Our goal is for you to fully understand what it was you learned in the classroom through repetition, and step-by-step hands-on simulations and practice!

Family Environment

We prioritize creating a supportive environment for all our trainees. We believe that learning and training should be more than just memorizing material, it should be about growing and developing friendships, and growth as a person. The majority of our graduates get hired immediately upon graduation and are eager to come back and share their knowledge with each new perspective student in our amazing Instructor Development Course. 

Quality Leadership

We want to take top-level competitive EMS pre-hospital care and training methods that are backed by science and in-depth research-based studies around the globe, to show the world what we represent, and to be the cutting-edge premier training agency that was born and created right here, in the USA! Many of our students can be seen working in the field as paramedics, firefighters, and medics for departments around the Northern Wasatch Front!

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