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Experience the Best in Paramedic Education with Upems

Utah's Paramedic was designed and built out by an amazing team that has put tens of thousands of hours into building a truly American Program! We accomplish our mission by providing the highest quality medical training to every student. We work hard to certify, graduate, and place you into the career of your dreams! Our goal is to lead both pre- and In-hospital Emergency Healthcare specialties by focusing on teaching in-depth pathophysiology, 

Life Support Training, and ultimately, by focusing on YOU, The student.

Our Mission

This course is designed to prepare you for life as an EMT/Medic on a Fire Department, in an ambulance or in a hospital type setting. Our commitment to success of the individuals in our program is unparalleled and is a primary focus of our entire Academy. The Academy is built on principles of Freedom, integrity, character, and family-first service for the community as well as dedication to the beautiful country that we live in and serve every day. We love to see our graduates working in our communities and making our states and thus, our country a better place to live in!

Service Before Self

We, as Utah's Paramedic and EMT Academy, take great pride in every student's success! We have complete test-taking training, immersive, non-stop hands-on action, and a belief that as an adult learner, you need more than a lecture. We believe you need to see it, do it, and be guided through it in a real-world ambulance filled with instructors, in realistic simulations. Our goal is for you to fully understand what you learned in the classroom through repetition, and step-by-step hands-on simulations and practice!


Students Success Stories: Hear What Our Students Say

When deciding what EMT school to attend, I chose one that had a class schedule that best fit my schedule. I wasn't worried about style or approach of the school, I was ready to attend class, study take the exams in preparation for the NREMT.


I 1000% recommend this place. I went to my EMT basic somewhere else and I felt as though I learned nothing. I was on my 3rd attempt at the NREMT, without hesitation they accepted me. You are questioning on where to go stop because this is the place to go, Andrew is the nicest person and the best teacher, and I wouldn't want it any other way!


I  love this program!  The lessons are fast paced but structured well, and if you do not find yourself struggling at any point in time, have have an amazing team of instructors who are willing to take the time to help you. They balance you you the whole time. They also have a varityy of teaching styles so you definitly won't be bored! If you are searching for the best program, for the best price, and with the best people, UPEMS is the academy for you!


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