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In the 2 weeks leading up to class, registration must be complete

Step 1

Purchase EMT Uniform that requires, EMS  T-shirt, EMS style pants, EMS tactical belt, EMS tactical boots

Step 2

Purchase class textbook: EMT 12th Edition Textbook

Step 3

 EMT Academy (UPEMS) T-Shirt is required, after purchase will be given in class

EMS T-Shirts

EMT Academy (UPEMS) in need of EMS-style tactical pants​ designed for comfort & durability in the field

EMS Pants

EMT Academy (UPEMS) in need of EMS-style tactical belts

EMS Belt

EMT Academy (UPEMS) in need of EMS-style tactical boots

EMS Boots

Uniform Requirements 

EMT Uniforms & Textbooks

At Utah's Paramedic and EMS Academy (UPEMS), we believe that professionalism starts with appearance. All students are required to wear designated uniforms during classes, labs, and clinical rotations. Our uniforms are designed to ensure safety, comfort, and a unified appearance that reflects the high standards of our academy. Each uniform includes a branded shirt, pants, and identification badge, which must be worn at all times while on academy premises and during field training. Proper attire not only enhances the learning experience but also prepares students for the professional environment they will encounter in their EMS careers. Detailed information on uniform requirements and purchasing options will be provided below:

  • Amazon is the BEST place to buy it! Here's the link! 

    • **​Students enrolled at Utah's Paramedic and EMT Academy (UPEMS) are required to purchase the EMT 12th Edition textbook, ($129.99) which includes the JB Learning online access code. This comprehensive resource is essential for both in-class learning and online coursework, providing access to a wide range of interactive study tools, practice quizzes, and additional learning materials. The JB Learning online platform enhances the educational experience, allowing students to engage with the content deeply and effectively. By integrating this textbook and online access code into their studies, UPEMS students can ensure they are fully prepared for both the academic and practical aspects of their EMT training.**

UPEMS Textbook

5.11 Tactical Store: 369 W 1830 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

A-1 Medical Store: 134 31st St, Ogden, UT 84401

Amazon: Belts

Amazon: Black Style Pants

Amazon: Boots

Links for Purchases

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