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Basic Life Support is the first entry level course provided by American Heart Association (AHA) for the general public and any medical staff. Basic Life Support is the first course you take that explains what the heart is, how it works, and discusses Heart Disease and heart attacks, and how to respond to cardiac Arrest in adults and infants.


Your Course Experience

BLS is required for most day to day jobs by most major companies. Per State Law and Federal Law, most companies, churches, and schools with a population bigger than 5-10 employees are required to have an AED on premise. Usually most companies require that their employees have their BLS certificate. This can range from construction companies, medical clinics, schools, MD programs, PA programs, NP programs, nursing programs, hospital based jobs and schools.

Rescuer Adult CPR (1-2)

Choking Relief for Adults
AED for Adults

Rescuer for children/infants(1-2)

Choking Relief for Infants
AED for Children/infants

Pregnancy CPR

Narcan Training

What Options Do I have for my BLS Training?

HeartCode BLS

Heartcode BLS is where you do a Hybrid course where you complete your own ediucation at your own speed online from the comfort of your home from AHA (Atlas). Once you complete this section, you will print your certificate and BRING it with you and you will come to our campus to complete your HANDS-ON Training session which is approx. 1 hour in length. 

HeartCode Hybrid AHA BLS/AED Training.

HeartSaver First Aid/BLS/AED

This is a Shortened 18 hour course which you can complete IN-PERSON or through the HYBRID HEARTCODE option where you do the education at your own pace and then complete the hands-on IN-PERSON Course for skills pass offs. The HEARTSAVER is basically a CONDENSED EMT BASIC Course that involves units on anaphylaxis, Injuries, Chemical Burns, Blood Sugar Emergenices, etc PLUS the entire Adult and Pediatric BLS Units covered in the AED/BLS class. 

18 Hour IN-PERSON or 3 Hour IN-PERSON HYBRID Skills Pass-Offs

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