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Basic EMT

Our In-Person Basic EMT Course is designed to ensure that all students develop the understanding and skills they need to respond efficiently and effectively in emergency medical situations. The course consists of didactic (classroom) instruction, small group activities, skill practice sessions, audio/video lectures, simulated ambulance scenarios, hands-on patient care exercises, and more.


Your Course Experience

We also have a one-of-a-kind director who is a whizz at the NREMT and BEMSP portals and processes. We can assist you in your paperwork, and questions, and we ensure the process to get licensed is smooth, seamless, effortless, and easy. If you want simplicity, then there's no other option. 

UPEMS also offers a one-of-a-kind test-taking and tutoring program

that will take everything you've learned and help you put it to use in a test-taking environment at the conclusion of the course. We will prepare you not only for the field but for the national test as well. 

Anatomy, Physiology, Airway Management

Ventilation, Cardiac EKG, Pediatric Patio

Patient Assesment, Trauma Management

Labor & Delivery Skills, Emergency Vehicle Operation, Driving Class

Ambulance Operation, Vital Signs

Prehospital Pediatric Education & Licensure

Stop the Bleed Licensure, Pharmacology & Trauma Based

Pharmacology PEdiatric, Pharmacology Neonatal Resuscitation 

What's Included

Class Schedule

10-12 Weeks

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

(subject to modification to accommodate holiday schedules.)




In Person

FISDAP Testing, BLS Certification, PEPP and Stop the Bleed Certification


4 Hours



18 years of age or older

Basic EMT Requirement

Basic EMT Course

This Non-Refundable down payment will reserve your spot in class. On your first night of class, a second Non-refundable payment of $250 is due. The remainder of tuition can be paid via credit card, cash or PayPal. Our EMT Basic course tuition is only $1500 plus supply, lab and testing fees.

Basic & AEMT Combo Course

If purchased seperatly, the price of the Basic & Advanced class would be a total of : $3,514

If the combo  class is purchased on the date of this contract, an additional incentive discount of $100 will be applied, making the total cost of combination of EMT Basic and EMT Advanced class to be $3,114

Basic Tuition

BP cuff/Stethoscope

FISDAP Testing Fee


AHA/BLS Certificate






Total: $1,767

Students supplies and lab fees included but not limited to: Clinical ID badge, medical training supplies, and all fees associated with labs and uniforms

Student pay following fees directly to provider in addition to the above fees:

Note: BEMPS charge a $75 late fee NREMT to be paid by the student. Late fees are charged 31 days after start date of class

BEMPS Testing fees paid to BEMPS 

NREMT Testing fess paid to NREMT 

Liability Insurance 




Total: $247

Basic/AEMT Combo Tuition 

BP cuff/Stethoscope 

FISDAP Testing

PALS Certificate

AHA/BLS CPR Certification 








Total: $3,514

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