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Basic Life Support is the second level cardiac course provided by American Heart Association of the medical staff at the Advanced EMT level, nursing , doctor, respiratory the. Advanced Cardiac Life Support is the adult course you take that explains how to run a code in and out of the hospital world.


What You Will Get


The ACLS curriculum is centered around patient care, and aimed at providing the highest degree of Advanced Cardiac Care.  It talks about stroke care, acute coronary syndrome, the four rhythm trees, and a the treatments for such. It descried heart disease and heart attacks and how to respond to cardiac arrest in adults and more infants with a manual defibrillator and pharmacology. It utilizes IV & Ohm. ACLS is required for most hospital jobs by most major hosptrial. Most Mid-Level Providers are required to maintain their ACLS eeevery 2 years with renewals

Rescuer Adult CPR, Pharmacology of Cardiac Drugs

Rhythm Identification, Adult Tachycardia with a Pulse Tree

Adult Bradycardia with a Pulse tree, Adult Cardiac Arrest Tree

Adult Cardiac Arrest Tree, VF/pVTach, PEA/Asystole

Adult Stroke Care, PCAC Post Cardiac Arrest Care

IO Instertion and Application, Dealing with Death

Respiratory and Airway Management 

Electrical Rhythm Management and Monitor Operations

Course Description

This is what we offer in our ACLS program! We offer 2 years certification and will renew your next cycle! You will go to Atlas.Heart.Org to receive your certificate. Learn more at checkout!

Book Now

Certificate # 1

In-Person Course

16 hours

Heartcode ACLS

2 Hours Hands-on pass-off skills Only with Certificate from ATLAS Online Education Program

Total: $175

Want to join UPEMS today? Submit form so we can schedule your in class certifcation!

Want to join UPEMS today? Submit form so we can schedule your in class certifcation!

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