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Paramedic Academy

Our In-Person Paramedic Course is truly a one of a kind paramedic Academy! We designed our medic program to ensure that all students develop the understanding and skills they need to respond efficiently and effectively in emergency medical situations as professional, experienced, and wise providers on the street. The course consists of In Class training using state of the art teaching techinques, incredilbe instructors, Simulated Calls, Actual Clinicals, and special unit training. Our goal for you is to make you the very best paramedic in ALS medicine! We Have Unit Exams at the end of each unit with instructor-led tutor sessions after each unit, so that you WONT get left behind! We even have a new dispatch center to dispatch the students to sim calls throughout the community! We create pride and success in every student with complete training and non-stop action!

Clinic Hours
  • IV Therapy
  • ACLS Cardiology
  • Rhythm Review
  • Advanced Airway Placement
  • ventilationManagement 
  • labor and delivery-als
  • Safety/Patient documentation
  • Vital Signs
  • patient communication
  • In-Depth Cellular Patho-physiology
  • Intraosseous Insertion and medication administration
  • Advanced Life Support
  • Pre-Hospital Trauma 
  • Advanced medical Emergency
  • EVOC Ambulance Operation & Safety and driving
  • advanced EKG principles
  • Advanced Pharmacology
  • advanced Medication
  • pediatric advanced life support
  • neonatal rescusitation
  • advanced stop the bleed
  • phlebotomy skills and lab drawing procedure

Topics covered-All-included

Status on our Accreditation....

In order to be fully accreditated and give you your NREMT and STATE Licensure as a paramedic, there are very strict requirements in order to even apply! As a school, you need to be open for a certain amount of years, and have a certain amount of successful student graduations, as well other requirements before you can even apply. We have met those requirements just recently...and right on time might i add. It has always been the vision of America's Paramedic to open our Medic Program! We just had to wait until we had all the correct T's crossed, and I's dotted! It is in process and we will update you as soon as it becomes available! In the mean time, make sure you have your Pre-Reqs and your base EMT and AEMT Licensure so you are prepared!

Our Method

Once you complete your Paramedic Training at our academy, you will be eligible for certification as an Emergency paramedic. After becoming certified, many of our students go on to become successful  firefighters or pursue other opportunities within the field of emergency medicine.Our Advanced EMT Training program has been designed by medical professionals who have experience providing life-saving care. We understand that being an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is more than just responding to emergencies: it requires a level of dedication, skill, and knowledge that comes from a comprehensive and complete training program. This is why the Utah Paramedic & EMT Academy offers one of the most comprehensive Advanced EMT Training programs in the state. 


2 Call Out Nights


Tuesday, Thursday





Weekly Schedule

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