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Firearms & NRA Class

Academy of Life

When it comes to protecting your family, and keeping your children safe, we want you to be able to be confident in your abilities to keep those around you safe. We teach you way more than a typical concealed weapons class. We teach you to move, think, operate, and function in the moments that you need it most. We want you to be able to stand up and protect those around you that matter to you the most. Watch this video and if this is something that you are interested in, let us know. We will train you correctly to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones in that critical time! Utah's Paramedic is way more than JUST an EMS Academy...we are an academy for life. 

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Perfecting Techniques

We've brought in instructors that will provide accurate and real-life scenarios and feedback on a student's performance in high stress, simulations and life saving skills and abilities when your family relies on you the most.


This Simulation Training allows our instructors to provide every student with tips and tricks to react in the moment.

This course provides a foundational training for students aspiring to be confident in their skills and in their abilities. Do more than just wish you could do more. We want you to succeed in whatever step is next! 

The education you receive from UPEMS will the first step in laying the groundwork for any career, or even just the ability to be ready for the moment. 

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