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Meet The Team

Our highly educated EMS instructors are knowledgeable and skillful, ready to pass on their expertise to the next generation of emergency medical professionals.This team is filled with passion, professionalism, and expertise in the EMT field. Each program is taught by experienced instructors who are dedicated to ensuring each student understands and succeeds in their EMT career, and in taking their NREMT exam!

UPEMS stays with you to assist you even after you graduate with your continued, and updated medical education and training throughout your career to maintain your licensure FOREVER!

Nationally Registered Paramedic,

NREMT Program Director

EMS Training Officer and EMS Instructor

AHA Course Director and Training Center Faculty

NRA Firearms and CCW Instructor

Brett Bosley.jpg

Paramedic State EMS Instructor


AEMT State EMS Instructor


Austin Breuker

Media Director

Jean Moreno (2).jpg

AEMT State EMS Instructor, Course Coordinator, Training Officer

Assistant Wilderness Instructor, Skills Instructor


AEMT Instructor, Course Coordinator, Training Officer


AHA BLS Instructor


Derek Taggart

Skills Instructor, VR Tech


Paramedic Instructor

Andrew Uz.2.jpg

Paramedic State EMS Instructor

P1001363 (1).JPG

School Administrator and Coordinator, Wilderness Instructor, and EMS Instructor

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