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Virtual Reality Simulation

Why We Use VR

UPEMS is a leader in Emergency Medical Services Training. We are proud to offer the latest in training techniques, including the use of Virtual Reality. By using the latest technology, we are revolutionizing the way EMS training is done. Our expert instructors will guide you through real-life simulations that replicate some of the most difficult situations you might face as a paramedic like on the scene with crashing patients, in the classroom with sim-lab setting.


You'll gain hands-on experience and see what it is like to be inside the human body. Virtual Reality in EMT School ensures that you are learning concepts and are able to apply them BEFORE you start saving lives.

Why Choose Printa

Heart Simulation

At UPEMS, we know that our training programs are just as important as the care we provide in the field. That's why we're constantly seeking new ways to educate our team members. Our virtual reality heart simulations give us an inside look at the human body, allowing our paramedics to hone their skills in a risk-free environment. By incorporating cutting-edge technology into our training programs, we ensure that our team is always prepared for anything.

Blood Vessel Simulation

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our use of virtual reality technology to further our knowledge and understanding of the human body. This technology allows us to explore the intricate details of the bloodstream and cardiovascular system, giving us a unique perspective on how to better treat our patients. Our passion for learning and innovation is what sets us apart from other emergency responders.

Pediatric Assessment & PALS Training

We provide PALS training for all our students with a comprehensive education and situations where they can help any age.  We believe that a strong foundation is essential for success in the field, which is why our instructors educate our students in pediatric emergency medicine for infants and children, as well as emergency response, emergency medicine, intensive care, and critical care courses for personnel. Our goal is to help our students become confident and ready to help the community.  

ACLS in Virtual Reality!

We don't JUST offer pediatric training! We offer adult ACLS as well as adult EMT Scenarios! Whether you are seeking CE and/or Renewal for your ACLS, or you are wanting to apply your knowledge and skills and become a master of running Adult Sick Calls, we got you covered! In VR application and training based on SOUND CAPCE approved EMT training concepts and make your job a cinch by practicing with us to be the best!

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